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About Us
About Us

Dreamland Travel is a smart OTA company providing information, pricing, availability and booking facility for air travel, hotels,Packages,Rail, buses and car rentals across 5000 large cities and small rural areas around the globe. As an online travel company, Dreamland Travel acts as a complete tour planner for travellers and is a one-stop shop for every travel need.

Our mission is to build the world's largest and most intelligent travel marketplace, connecting more travellers with the best travel booking services along with destination information, and delivering value to travel suppliers and other companies that want to reach this unmatched audience.

Collectively, Dreamland Travel, covers virtually every aspect of researching, planning, and booking, from choosing the best airplane seat, to reading personal travel reviews of hotels, to planning what to do after arriving at the destination. India Travel portfolio serves both leisure and business travelers with tastes and budgets ranging from modest to luxury. We deliver consumer travel demand from nearly every continent to more than 110,000 hotels and hundreds of airlines, tour operators, car rental companies and destination services supply partners. 

Dreamland Travel multi-language customer service center enables business and leisure travelers to make well-informed and cost effective bookings 24 hours, 365 days a year, through its online and mobile support. The air ticket bookings on the user-friendly website give out the cheapest rates available in real time. As one of the largest consolidator of hotels, Dreamland Travel provides room-booking facility in over 2,500 domestic hotels across 250 destinations around the globe. Dreamland Travel also has international tie-ups with major consolidators for over 90,000 hotels across the world. The prices are highly competitive and booking rates are available at the lowest rates in real time. Dreamland Travel provides hundreds of holiday packages to its customers that include best deals and rates across the globe.

 With our wealth of personal knowledge and experience we are able to recommend many of the best packages to help you choose the right one. We aim to keep the highest standards in a warm friendly service. You can book air tickets online or you can call us for extra support and advice. Dreamland Travel is dedicated to giving you a great experience at realistic prices.

 What makes us different? While we love technology, there’s nothing quite like talking to a human being. So when you’re all drop boxed out, can’t find what you need, we have real travel people on the end of the phone ready to help.